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College Planning Strategies


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Essays, Interviews, Applications, and more

The College Admissions Bootcamp is your student's comprehensive resource for all things admissions. The Bootcamp covers all the major topics of the college planning process, including:

  • College Search: learn how to effectively search for colleges and narrow down your student's prospective list from 4,000 colleges to their top 6-8.
  • Admissions Essay: Your student will review how to write a good essay and avoid cliche topics, and they will actually compose their first draft. Not only that, but we'll review it for them and give them our feedback during the Bootcamp.
  • Admissions Interview: Our expert advisors will coach your student for the admissions interview and teach them how to make the best impression possible the first time around
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep: Student will learn how to maximize their study efforts for the SAT/ACT exams and learn techniques they can use to ace these exams.
  • Financial Aid Review: A key component to college planning for parents and students is financial aid. We'll teach your family about merit-based and need-based financial aid, and how to maximize your eligibility for both.
  • Student-Athletes: If your student wants to play sports in college, regardless of whether it's DI or DIII, this workshop will walk them through the recruiting process and show students how to effectively market themselves to college coaches (optional for attendees, since not all students are student-athletes)


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